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Meet Basket & Ball, a unique arcade game in basketball setting. We are all used to basketball games like Jam City Basketball or Real Basketball with tall players, teams and coaches. In Basket & Ball there's none of this - we left the player with just the ball and the basket who are alive and emote with meme faces! Control the ball with touchscreen, gamepad or keyboard and direct it into the basket on 50 skill demanding levels. You will have to pass through ball threatening obstacles, like sets of sharp nails, fires, and even levitating robot police armed with tasers! You will pick-up game altering bonuses like 'stoneskin' or 'air pump', collect star rewards scattered across the levels and win amazing achievements like "Basketball MVP", "Canon Ball" or even the "Yogi". When facing a tough situation, a time stopping bonus is sometimes available. Use it and relaunch the ball in arbitrary direction to get out! Every several levels a different challenge is presented, where you'll have to put your aiming skills at test and will have to hit the basket at least once out of three shoots in a complex environment. The game is available for free on iOS and Android, try it out!


basket-and-ball.apk 10 MB

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